The KLA Foundation is supported by four main groups comprised of KLA staff put in place to facilitate organization and ensure the Foundation’s objectives are met. These groups include a board of directors, foundation officers, an executive committee and a program director.

The Board of Directors determines strategies for the Foundation, oversees activities and appoints members to the executive committee to implement agreed-upon approaches.

Foundation Officers are appointed by the board of directors and manage day-to-day activities and affairs of the Foundation. These individuals also develop policies, procedures and regulations that drive the Foundation’s operations while monitoring performance and impact of individual programs. Foundation officers are also automatically members of the executive committee.

Appointed by the board of directors, the Corporate Giving and Engagement Committee is responsible for executing the Foundation’s strategy and overseeing each program. With the assistance of the foundation officers, the executive committee also evaluates programs in relation to meeting the organization’s overall mission.

The Foundation Director reports directly to the Foundation President and is responsible for the operational success of the KLA Foundation, managing all administrative affairs.