The KLA Foundation aims to support and benefit the communities in which KLA employees live and work. The Foundation has expanded support for national and local initiatives that focus on social justice for racial inequality, and wellness in historically under-served communities. We acknowledge that truly rooting out systemic inequality requires ongoing dedication to social justice work.

Our Approach:

Activation: Drive employee giving culture by providing tools and support to enable employees to lead, participate and contribute to community projects in order to maximize the impact of their engagement in the communities where they work and live.

Our approach infographic.

We believe “Top-Down” reform is essential for eradicating systemic inequities. However, while we advocate for progress at a high level, we know that large scale structural change takes time, and we cannot depend entirely upon external forces to provide aid. Therefore, when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our communities, we invest in grassroots and community-based organizations in a “Bottom-Up” approach. This drives momentum for change and creates immediate-access resources where they are most needed. Combined, we believe these efforts will enable reform over time.