Strategic Initiatives

Move for a Cause

Move for a Cause is an annual fitness and wellness event that raises funds for health research and equitable healthcare. Employees donate to one of the selected charities and engage in physical activity to show their support.

STEM Inspectors

STEM Inspectors utilizes a 2-micron resolution paper microscope to educate students about semiconductors and the role of electron microscopes. This program provides students with useful STEM skills and introduces them to the many career opportunities available in the semiconductor industry.

Social Equity Fund

The fund was created to help reduce the social and economic barriers to health equity in the Metro Detroit and South Bay/Silicon Valley areas. KLA is developing long-term relationships with our communities, investing in the compassion of those around us, and helping to create upstream solutions for sustainable change.

Whole Girl Project

For girls to succeed, all aspects of their experiences must be nurtured: from shelter and basic needs to educational opportunities to social integration. We believe in partnering with strategic organizations to uplift girls through a holistic and intersectional approach.

Responding to Crises

We respond quickly and effectively to disasters by immediately addressing our community’s most pressing needs. Through immediate relief and long-term recovery action plans, we ensure that the safety of our employees and communities is prioritized.

FIRST Robotics

KLA Foundation currently sponsors over 20 high school robotics teams that compete in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition. These programs teach students how to design and build robots, while developing critical collaboration skills.

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